Client Case Study

Casestudy overview

The New Georgia Project is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded to educate, register and civically engage the rapidly rising electorate in the state of GA, which has seen a population increase of 18% in the past year (2017-2018).

The Introduction

The New Georgia Project mobile app provides users with a location-based list of all candidates for office. For each candidate, users can instantly find out their views on over 15 different issues, ranging from wages & job benefits to defense and veterans affairs. In addition to learning the details about the candidates’ viewpoints, users can also see a list of all known endorsements a candidate has received. Users can then use the app to create a list of “favorite” candidates to use as a reminder at the ballot box!

To Reach, Educate, and Engage Voters.

Founded in 2014, the New Georgia Project’s mission is to reach, educate, and engage voters from traditionally underrepresented groups, especially women and people of color. This mobile app is the organization’s attempt at engaging this younger, more tech-savvy voter.


The NGP mobile app uses location technology as well as information automatically updated from public records databases including ballots, financial disclosures, and other data. This allows a user to view their representatives, their positions on multiple key issues, and also see who is funding the candidate.


The New Georgia Project Mobile App was a success! Without any paid marketing, NGP enjoyed rapid adoption of their new tool, which was able to provide ballot information and directions to the polls for thousands of users throughout the state of GA before the 2018 midterm election.

This project required our team to collaborate with multiple municipal/government entities to secure access to needed data. We worked with our non-profit client, The New GA Project, to define and implement a technology plan to achieve the goals of their main initiative, voter engagement. We were able to develop, test, and launch this solution well within the time & budget constraints we were given by the client, resulting in a very successful statewide release.

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